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Some of our services

Catalytic Converters
Checked for free and replaced at very reasonable prices, many times in less than an hour.Muffler Masters in Pensacola, the Catalytic Converter King

Custom Performance Exhaust & Truck Duals
Our very qualified exhaust techs can custom bend anything from 1 ½” to 3” pipe; manifold back, cat back, or just replace your stock muffler with a performance muffler that sounds just the way you want. This allows us to repair rather than replace your whole system — saving you lots of money with us.

We have found, through more than 40 years’ experience, that some customers want an exhaust that is louder and deeper while some customers wish it were less loud, and some want i

t in between. We at Muffler Masters take pride in designing custom performance exhaust to meet the requirements of each and every customer. With our listen before you buy you can hear the exhaust, hooked up to your vehicle before you decide on which system you would like installed thereby giving you the exact sound before it is installed.

Brake repair
We work with all types of cars and trucks. We carefully inspect every detail of your braking system. We use high-quality brake parts to make sure you’re safe on the road in any weather. Free estimates. Most work can be done while you wait.

Under Car Services

We also do all under care services such as shocks, struts, suspension work — C/V axels, U-joints — springs and wheel bearings.

Free Estimates
Always free estimates with custom repairs instead of buying expensive “more than you need” replacements.